About The Cultural Peeps Podcast:

Hello and welcome to the Cultural Peeps Podcast. My name is Iain Wheeldon and I’m a Lecturer in the School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University.

The Cultural Peeps Podcast series is part of an ongoing project which explores different Career Pathways across the Cultural Sectors.

The Podcast series has three aims;

  • The first aim is to help early career professionals understand the huge range of ever-changing job profiles that now exist across these complex and interconnected sectors,
  • The second aim is to help early career professionals to interpret job titles in the context of different venues and organisations – often, jobs with the same title can be radically different depending on the organisation,
  • The third aim is to help listeners understand that the people that make up any field of work are all human and are making human decisions, and that in turn plays a significant part in their unfolding career pathways and decision-making processes.

So where did this project come from – why make a Podcast? The decision to record this series and formalise these conversations as a Podcast came in 2017 after a student asked me to provide what she described as a ‘definitive list’ of job titles that exist in the sector.

This started a lengthy and ongoing conversation about how the range of jobs that are available are hugely varied, constantly evolving and rarely really standardised. They often vary because of a range of factors, including the type and size of venue, it’s history, how it is funded, how it is governed and what its current direction of travel is.

Through my job as a Lecturer at the University, I hear fascinating tales directly from the individuals that work in these venues about why they chose to apply for their current job, why they left their previous role, why they intend to move jobs in the future and in some cases why they are planning to retrain altogether.

When my student asked me for that ‘definitive list’, I thought about the recent conversations I’d had with colleagues and wished I was able to rewind and replay them for her, so she could hear first-hand, why they chose to do the job they do and what it actually feels like on a day-to-day basis.

By formally collecting and archiving some of these conversations, I hope to create a touchstone for those looking for an insight into what people do all day, and why they do the jobs they do. Hopefully this series can help in their own decision making.

Recording the Podcast at Southwark Galleries

A caveat about the Podcast:

The recordings that form the basis for the Podcast aren’t technically perfect. They are often grabbed in busy offices and in between meetings. So you can frequently hear the everyday world of work whirring on in the background, so doors will slam, clocks will tick and emails will ping into inboxes!

The recordings are intended to capture a snapshot of where the participants were at that particular moment in their careers and I decided very early on that it was better to capture these conversations whenever I could, rather than wait for the perfect moment – which given how busy everyone is across these areas of work, rarely emerged.

These Podcasts are often edited down from longer conversations – but I have tried to keep in as much of that original content as possible.

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